Renaissance Creative Studios, LLC

(RCS) is a creative fashion house offering everything from apparel design through production services for independent and emerging designers. RCS offerings include full development and launch packages to support first time designers through the realization of their first line, in addition to pattern and sample making for the seasoned high-end designers.

Established in 2016, RCS operates a Studio factory in the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles. This unique set up offers seasoned professionals and new designers alike the opportunity to create and test their grand ideas at an affordable, boutique scale. From the development of collections and samples, to personalized small volume production and one-on-one consulting, RCS will ensure every step of the creative and production process is a seamless one.

A Full Range of services include:

Please contact us for more information on any of our services. All projects are completed in-house. Payment terms are due in full to reserve time in our factory schedule. All projects are completed on a contractual basis guaranteeing your specifications and delivery dates are met.