Sample Making

Made in the RCS Downtown Los Angeles studio, designers can include sample development with their pattern making request. With a rich history in providing luxury quality sample sewing, RCS has gained a stellar reputation with prominent designers, bespoke celebrity clients, and stylists. At RCS we understand that a high-end quality sewing requires that the inside of the garment’s stitches is as neat as the outside of the garment’s stitches. Our sample technicians have an eye for perfection and are in constant communication with our pattern technicians to make sure that a high standard finishing is met.

*Please note that our policy is that sample service will only be provided when the pattern making request is submitted through our company.


Sample Prices for Cutting & Sewing range from $50 for a basic t-shirt to $100 for a Woven Dress with Lining to approximately $175 for a Bomber Jacket or Blazer with Multiple Pockets or other embellishments. Prices increase when sewing in silk, chiffon, satins, or leather.